PLM Innovation Forum

Focus Electrical Vehicle

July 4th, 2018 in Munich

Studio Balan Moosacher Straße 86
80809 München, Germany

Why Attend

Conquer the Future of Electro-Mobility

Get ready to be moved - electronically. E-Mobility has become one of the most urgent and most heatedly debated topics of today. In times of climate change and Diesel scandals, alternatives have to be transferred from the margins to the center. This year’s PLM Innovation Forum in Munich will focus on this striving field and will provide a platform for inspiration, reflection, debate, and networking.

On July 4th, Munich will become a think tank for PLM practitioners, innovators, high-profile companies, technicians, executives, and various experts. The unifying principle for this diverse audience will be the striving for a future where E-Mobility no longer is some new, rather exotic phenomenon, but a common principle in each and everybody’s daily life. Speakers from various fields of expertise will give lectures on the challenges and opportunities we will be confronted with and will lead discussions on how the future can be mastered successfully.

Learn, inspire, question and going new paths - this is the declared aim of the PLM Innovation Forum.

TechniaTranscat’s electromobility expertise

  • TechniaTranscat has been working with the automobile industry for many years. A number of close cooperations between OEMs and various suppliers in recent years have linked the company to the automotive sector. Joint projects have resulted in the creation of several software solutions such as CAVA or Q-Checker, which have already been used successfully for decades and are now also being utilised for electric vehicles as well.

  • As specialists in CATIA Systems, SIMULIA and DYMOLA, TechniaTranscat helps companies to apply interdisciplinary techniques to stay on top of the increasingly complex task of product development. Particularly when developing more efficient battery systems – the core of any electric vehicle – it is vital that the various different disciplines can be brought together as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Multi-engineering solutions such as CATIA Systems or DYMOLA are the key to successfully achieving this.

  • We are currently involved in two E-Mobility projects: lightyear and London-based eTaxis.

Highlights from 2017

What To Expect

Networking with experts

Exchange knowledge and experience with individuals from a multitude of industries.

Live demo points

Practical demonstrations will be accompanied by insightful presentations and user experiences.

Renowned speakers

Take away the insights of industry, software and user experts from influential practitioners and leaders.

New innovative solutions

Take the first look at the latest software, hardware and engineering technologies ahead of anyone else.